Village Florist

“Michelle does an amazing job looking after all the Social Media for The Flower Shop, Pulborough. Before meeting Michelle it was difficult to see what value a strong social media presence would have, we already had a Facebook page which we updated from time to time and I wasn’t entirely convinced that as a local business, investing time and money in Social media was the way to go.

However, I’ve been truly astonished by the difference it has made.

I have people coming into the shop specifically because of something they’ve seen on social media, I have people call out to be on the street to say how funny they thought my latest blog post was and I have had suppliers mention my business on their social media sites.

It’s not all been about generating new custom, a lot of what Michelle does reinforces who we are and what we stand for. It reminds people who have used our services regularly that we value them and their custom, it brings back people that have forgotten us and it boosts our reputation.”

Claire Denman, owner of The Flower Shop, Pulborough.