Our Services

Content Creation

Creating the right content is essential for your business.

Copy writing

The language you use, the tone and what you like to talk about, all goes to create a personality that’s right for you and your followers.

Picture Research

Finding the right image isn’t always easy. Social media sites love imagery, but you need to grab attention, for the right reasons. Social media users scroll through their news feeds, quickly filtering what is of interest and what’s not. If you want people to stop long enough to read carefully written text, then you need the right image.


Whether you are promoting products or services, people what to get to know who they are doing business with. They want to get to know everything about you. There’s no need to get too personal, but seeing that you are human is important. The images you use on Social Media say a lot about you and your business so it’s important to use ones that are going to attract the right audience, ones who are going to be interested in what you have to offer. It’s important to be consistent in your personality, but followers will also want to see variety and individualism.

Video creation

As social media sites start to fill up with images, users need something more to grab their attention and video is often the answer. This could be a series of images with a soothing sound track, a fast moving trailer or an interview with someone in your business.


Putting images and text together in a way that says exactly what you mean, isn’t easy. Everything from the typeface you use and the size it’s used at says something about you and your business.


Blogging is a great way of maintaining a loyal following and attracting new followers. It’s also a great way of getting your business personality across, through the subjects you choose to blog about as well as through the language and tone you use. I am highly adaptable and able to write in different styles, giving you and  your business a unique voice.

Social Media Management

Understanding what content works best on which social media platform is critical, as is knowing who uses which platform, when and how often. I spend a lot of time on social media platforms, following trends and researching user behaviour, so I can get the best fit for your business.


Finding and creating content that fits your business personality is one thing, but finding the right platform to publish your content on is another. You need to know who your likely audience are, what platforms they use and when, to ensure that you get seen by the right people.

Monitoring & Engagement

It is really important to monitor your posts, not only to know which posts are gaining the most attention, but to respond to any engagement. After-all social media is a two way street, people like to know that they’ve been heard, that you are interested in what they have to say (good or bad). If someone has taken the time to notice you, it’s only polite to acknowledge them.

Promotion Management

Social Media Platforms may appear to be FREE to the non-business user, but what they are doing is gathering information. What companies like Facebook do is gather user profiles and sell them to businesses or individuals who want to target certain markets or demographics. If you are a regular user of sites such as Facebook, they will know whether you are male or female, whether you are married, single, divorced, whether you have a family, what activities you enjoy, what other pages you like, what books you read, what films you watch and where you live.

Sites like Facebook, want their users to see relevant content that is going to interest them. If you create good content and it gets immediate engagement, it’s likely that your content will find it’s audience, but quite often you’ll need some help finding the right audience and this is how Social Media sites make their money.

You can create adverts which are targeted at specific groups. These adverts are usually aimed at driving people to your website, either to find out more or to make a purchase. However you can also Boost or Promote individual posts, helping them reach those that have already expressed an interest in your business, event or project and to those who might be interested.

Social Media Promotions can be a relatively cheap way of promoting your business, increasing followers and keeping existing followers engaged, but they have to be managed well.