Business with Personality

The Dichotomy of the Marketeer

I have always had a dichotomy in interests, I remember choosing my subjects in school and being torn between Maths and Art, Science and Literature. I kept being pushed to choose one over the other, but I liked both and I insisted on taking A Levels in Art, Biology and Maths, much to the disdain of some and despair of others. I went on to study Art and Graphic Design, but switched to Business Studies after my first year. I’m still not sure why I switched, maybe I thought I was naturally creative and  wanted to put it to some practical use. I wasn’t bothered about coming out with an HND instead of a Batchelor’s Degree, I had learnt everything I thought I needed to know and set off in my career, full of confidence.

Most of my career was spent living the dichotomy, doing the two things that teachers and careers advisors in my youth said just didn’t go together. I worked in publishing and loved the creative side, but was drawn also to the technology, the production, operational, organising and analytical aspects of the business. This was an area in which I  flourished and excelled in, until I suddenly realised that I had moved too far away from the creative side.

It was then that I set up Forelock Books my very own publishing company. I put everything I knew, everything I’d learnt and everything I owned into this venture and loved every minute. It took a huge amount of rational thinking, planning and organisation to create something inspirational and engaging. It’s through this that I have found my niche, I now finally know what and who I am.

I am a content creator, who constantly questions, researches and notices what content grabs other peoples attention, what inspires them and what leaves them cold. I am a MARKETEER, a person who is interested in other people. I’m interested in the differences and similarities in how people think and how they communicate and most importantly how they can be reached.


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