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Over 38 million people in the UK use social media on a regular basis. People on social media follow brands they like, they are interested when these brands have something new to offer, they are interested in who else likes their products and services and if they are pleased with a product or service, they are happy to share this news with everyone they know or are connected with.

What’s your Business Personality?

  • Do you know your customers?
  • Do you know what they like most about your products and services?
  • Do you know who else might be interested in your products and services?
  • Do you know where to find them?
  • Do you know how to grab their attention?
  • Do you know how to maintain a customer following?

BWP can help you create interesting content that will grab your customers’ attention, keep them engaged and attract new followers.

We can create copy that sums up exactly what you want to say, words that express exactly who you are.

We want to understand your business, we want to know what is important to you and your customers.

We want to get to know you and we want others to get to know you too!

Why we like to work locally.

I believe that to represent a business you need to be part of the family. I don’t mean move in and have breakfast every day, but it’s important to know who the personalities are, where the business is, what services you provide, who your customers are and what they like about you, your company, business, charity or project.

It is possible to work remotely with product based businesses or business that wish to develop a brand following and we like doing this too.

People are our business, wherever they are.


“Michelle does an amazing job looking after all the Social Media for The Flower Shop, Pulborough. Before meeting Michelle it was difficult to see what value a strong social media presence would have, we already had a Facebook page which we updated from time to time and I wasn’t entirely convinced that as a local business, investing time and money in Social media was the way to go.

However, I’ve been truly astonished by the difference it has made.

I have people coming into the shop specifically because of something they’ve seen on social media, I have people call out to be on the street to say how funny they thought my latest blog post was and I have had suppliers mention my business on their social media sites.

It’s not all been about generating new custom, a lot of what Michelle does reinforces who we are and what we stand for. It reminds people who have used our services regularly that we value them and their custom, it brings back people that have forgotten us and it boosts our reputation.”

Claire Denman, owner of The Flower Shop, Pulborough.

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